Watch the Introduction Video about The Wellness Advantage

At Get Momentum in March, we challenge members to say “micro-yesses” to health and wellness.

They add up, these little yesses, over the course of days and then weeks. Over the next month, set yourself up to be the leader others want to follow. Set an example people respect.

Yes to rest.

Not sleeping is not a badge of honor to be worn proudly. If you tell me you work through the night I ask, “How sustainable is that?”

Yes to movement.

30 minutes of movement every day is my minimum. Recently, I’ve decided to get back to a competitive level racing triathlon which means I’m going back to 60 minutes of smarter training, 5 days/week.

Yes to nutritious choices.

NOTE: One of our GET MOMENTUM themes [October] is all about habit-building. Three factors influence me to make wise(r) choices regarding health and nutrition:

  1. Trigger: I will get hungry during the day.
  2. Setup: If I have prepared and “easy-to-access” snacks, I can choose to eat those. [If I wait until I’m hungry to snack, I tend to make poor choices.]
  3. Outcome: When I make good choices, I feel more energetic; when I make poorer choices, I get tired and distracted.

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