Do you know the THREE kinds of people to share your goals with?

Create Your Career (and Life) Circumstances

Soon after speaking at the AFA Conference recently (Agriculture Future of America), Jodi showed me some of the video recording she took of me speaking.

This 3-minute clip JUMPED off the screen. I paused the video, rewinded it, and watched it again. I said out loud, "I wish I knew this when I was 27...not 47!"

Raise the Flag, Invite Others to Meet

Years ago, Jodi and I started a "movement" for ourselves when we invited people to meet for #CoffeeChat when and where we travel.

Here's a picture of a group of readers, leaders, and GET MOMENTUM members in Zurich, Switzerland.

For about an hour, we talked about the book Your Best Just Got Better.

I always end these semi-informal events by asking people to share ONE goal with the group. Then, after everyone shares, I invite people to ask for a SPECIFIC piece advice from the person they are sitting with.

Try it for yourself... invite a group to meet for coffee next week and see what happens!

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