Video: How Relationships Influence Your Life

60 Months from Today

Do you ever wonder what your life will look like in the future?

If you'd like to see what's coming over the next 5 years, look around at the 5 people you spend the most time with. The people you live AND work with...the people you celebrate AND complain with...the people you exercise AND eat too much with...they WILL influence you.

Whether they help you keep the Better Habits you build in October (see the GET MOMENTUM course here) or not, well that's for you to realize. If you want to change where you're going and what you're doing in life, add a new mentor, coach or teacher.

Jim Rohn Taught Us...

...who's teaching you?

Business philosopher, author, motivational speaker and mentor-we-never-met Jim Rohn is quoted as saying:

"We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with."

Your coach Jason Womack heard this in 1997, and didn't want to believe it. (Or, as he said it, "I want to know if this is true for me!") So, with his black-and-white composition book, he started studying his relationships and network. (Click here to read his story!)

Do you want to see your future?

Here's a way to experiment with Jim Rohn's quote:

Step 1:

Open your notebook and draw a "spreadsheet" with 5 rows and AT LEAST 3 columns. (More columns is better...start with at least 3.)

Step 2:

In the first column of each row, write the name of someone you spend a LOT of time with. By a LOT we man anywhere from 2-5 hours a day at work and 1-3 hours a day at home. Include not only the PHYSICAL people you talk face to face with, but anyone at work or in life that you talk to on the phone/video with. Also, if you're studying/taking a course, write down the names of any authors or teachers you're learning a lot from as well as classmates you're collaborating with as you manage the curriculum.

Step 3:

Label the 3 columns "things" you can track for each person you spend time with who influences. We suggest you start with labels such as:

  1. Income earned each year
  2. Topics of discussion (complaints) when we talk
  3. Number of books (and types) read each month

Start there, and if you'd like to keep going you can keep your studies moving forward by identifying such things as:

  • Kinds of vacations they take
  • The exercise and nutrition plans they keep
  • What they have set for future goals

Once you've identified what's true about them, average it out and see for yourself. Is it true? Is the money they earn on average what you earn? Do you complain about what they complain about? Are you reading as much as they're reading?

(Optional) Step 4:

If you're a member of the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy, click the top of this page to "Complete and Continue" and take this month's Self-Assessment titled "Building Meaningful Relationships".