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The power of the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy comes from when you take action. As you scroll through the lessons on the left hand side of this screen

In less than four weeks, you will:

  • Practice effective meeting agenda making.
  • Better manage meetings you attend.
  • Identify interruptions and create a plan to preempt them.
  • Develop a template for effective follow-up.

Improve the ways you plan, attend, and facilitate meetings.

Afterward, follow up to build trust, improve communication, and get better results. As you improve your meeting habits, you’ll work more efficiently and effectively.

Successful meeting management can help you to achieve bigger goals.

This month you will learn the skills of how to lead AND attend better meetings which will set you apart as a leader who not only achieves big goals, but helps other achieve success as well.

We look forward to a great month of focusing on how to Lead and Attend Effective Meetings.

Best Wishes,

Your Get Momentum Coaches