Intro Video: Be Creative and Innovative at Work

To be more innovative, to create more at work (and in life) you'll want to get better at:

(1) identifying problems,

(2) thinking through possible solutions, and

(3) implementing creative solutions, separates the leaders who make things happen from those who stand by, hoping things get better.

Get ready to identify your personal influences — and how you can leverage those influences to innovate, as you head into the next year.

Your future opportunities are shaping themselves now in the conversations you initiate and the curiosity you follow.

“Be More Creative and Innovative”

You’ll realize several advantages when you think innovatively about the past AND the future:

  • Create time to acknowledge success – We’ll show you how to review the past 11 months of effort.
  • Look out, 90-365 days at a time – Doing things differently means that you’re willing to take steps that are small.
  • Clarify the end game – Every week, compare your effort to your results to the overall mission.
  • Learn by Doing – The kind of improvement we’re coaching you in this month doesn’t come in a nice, clean package. In fact, it might get messy; we might push pretty hard on you. We may even call you out on your BS. We hope you’re ready. We are here for you.

In this month’s Course Work you’re going to pace yourself and OBSERVE how YOU do innovative thinking. Step-by-step we’re going to show you how to be creative AND productive.