Do You Know Your "Drivers"? (Identify Your Motives for Action)

Start where you are...but be 100% of where you're starting!

Pause...and in that moment you may just realize the power of purpose. Until you identify - and identify WITH - a reason to change, this month's Course Work will be just that...!

So, review this list and chose NO MORE than two (2) reasons to be any better at something than you are now!

Build Better Habits - Course work page 10 - what's driving you.pdf

Good news...Bad news...

This month you have the opportunity to study the woman or man in the mirror and identify the very specific habits you'd like to make. Remember, if you've been studying this month's Course Work and you've seen this month's Master Class, you know that we believe you can't BREAK a habit. don't break anything; you DO replace a series of activities that you used to do with some actions that are more in alignment with what and how you want to be known. Bad news...this isn't easy.

Good news, there are just 5 things you need in order to get started. Here they are: