Review the Goals for Learning This Leadership Skill

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The power of the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy is discovered when you take action.

Now that you have taken the Self-Assessment, you know what SPECIFIC areas of this month's theme to focus on.

Go through our proven step-by-step process to improve your skills.

In just four weeks you will...

  • Connect your existing results to your current habits.
  • Identify more effective ways to do routine responsibilities.
  • Determine specific habits and routines to build.
  • Learn the psychology and physiology behind changing habits.

Slow down and OBSERVE how changing habits and building new routines actually happens. You will make better choices and cultivate a more productive work-life experience.

What will you do?

  • Change your morning (or afternoon, or evening) rituals.
  • Change the way you attend OR lead your weekly/monthly meetings.
  • Change how you enter the doorway - at the office & at home.
  • Change what you do to prepare, enjoy and return from vacation.
  • Change...

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you ever set the intention to BE a way, or ACHIEVE a thing… and NOT realized that goal?
  • Can you bring mind times in the past when you feel you “failed” at creating a new habit?
  • Have you studied how YOU make change (not just relied on what THEY say)?
  • Would you like to set a goal, identify a milestone, change a routine… and change your life?

Best Wishes,

Jodi and Jason Womack

Your GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy Coaches

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