OUTLOOK: Search Folders (Postcard and VIDEO)

Search folders act as filters in Outlook that group emails based on certain criteria. Search Folders make it easy to go through hundreds of emails without changing your views. Many people save time by organizing and filing their email using Search Folders.

Outlook Search Folders are found within the Search Folders category on the folder list.

The “For Follow Up” search folder (in the Outlook default Search Folders) shows you all the messages you have flagged for follow-up.
If you delete or move mail within a search folder, the same action will occur in your Inbox.

By using the “Large Mail” search folder, you can view all of your large mail at a glance. This helps if you are approaching the size limit of your mailbox and you want to view all your large mail to determine what you can file or delete to create space in your mailbox.
You can program Outlook to modify the size limit of your “Large Mail” folder (the default is 100 KB). Outlook will filter through all your folders to find the limit you have set for your “Large Mail” folder.
To set the criteria for the “Large Mail” folder:
• Right click on the Large Mail folder (within Search Folders)
• Choose “Customize this Search Folder”
• Click the Criteria tab
• Enter the desired mail size (consider starting with 1000KB in the “Show mail greater than:” box
• Click OK and OK again
All mail listed will be greater than your set mail size criteria.
Creating Custom Search Folders
The following is an example of customizing search folders. If you want to create a search folder that contains your manager’s mail.
• Click File/New/Search Folder
• Choose Create a custom Search Folder
• Click the Choose tab
• Name your search folder and click the Criteria tab
• Click the From tab and add your manager(s) name(s) and click OK
• Click Browse
• Uncheck the Personal Folder box, check the Inbox and uncheck the subfolders box
When you click on this search folder, it will scan through your Inbox (or any of the folders you have chosen to search) to filter all the mail you received from your manager.

To change the criteria of a Search Folder that you have created:
• Right click on the Large Mail folder (within Search Folders)
• Choose “Customize this Search Folder”
• Click the Criteria tab and make the desired changes to your criteria.

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