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The 5 Day 30/30 Accountability Challenge check in process:

Each day from September 24 until the 28th, please take about 10 minutes and let Jodi know how you did... You can add a reminder to your calendar so you remember. Just click on the calendar you use, and you'll automatically add a reminder.

In a TEXT or EMAIL - at your time of choosing - let Jodi know:

  1. Did you complete your 30/30 work session* today?
  2. If you DID complete your 30/30 session... fill in the two blanks:

"During today's 30/30 session I worked on ___________ and the result was ___________________________________________________________________________."

You can type or handwrite your answers, just send a text, email or picture to:

email: [email protected]

WhatsApp or Text: 805-798-1295

* A 30/30 session is where you spend 30 minutes working on, thinking about, discussing or researching a project (or part of a project) that isn't due for at least 30 days.