GET MOMENTUM: Be the change you want to see.

Look in the mirror, see out the window, and drive change in your professional career and your personal life.

Read These Books (by: Pryor, Cialdini, Miller and Blanchard)

Simple. You want to work smarter, think bigger and achieve more? You've got to read these four books. (And, after you make your way through THESE be sure to call me. I've got the list of the NEXT four to add to your Learning Library.) "Don't Shoot the Dog," by Karen Pryor "Influence" (and...


3 Steps to Think Strategically for 30 Minutes

During the month of September, our GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy members worldwide spend 30 days thinking strategically about their careers, their jobs, their lives and their family. We consider "thinking" the pre-work you need to do so that your end-of-the-year planning is more complete, and...


Your Future Self Will Thank You

This month, members of the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy (click here) are studying, "Strategic Thinking." Notice we say thinking, and not planning. Why? Simple...before you start planning, you'll want to do more thinking! We promise, your future self will thank you! If you use the word...


Get Momentum: Use Microsoft® Outlook® More (efficiently AND effectively)

I guarantee you this: You're not using Microsoft® Outlook® enough. And it's simply killing your productivity. Outlook is “that thing” that destroys your focus, reminds you of things at the wrong times and takes WAAAAYYYY too much of time time and focus. (Oh, and chances are you lose...


Your #KnownFor - you have more of them than you think

In another book I wrote, I asked readers to answer a question that got them to think about their "Why?" in context of their work, and their life. In the book Get Momentum that Jodi and I wrote, we ask you to go deeper...and, to be more specific. What do you want to be known for? You know,...


No time? It's because you don't know time!

How early in the day do you KNOW that you have no time? It's a typical Wednesday and you started the morning doing the "right things." You woke up rested, in your own bed. If your partner was there, and awake, you welcomed them to the day (and, if they were still asleep, you quietly made your...