TODAY'S QUESTION*: How can I better anticipate change?

This is a great – and timely – question! As you already know, you won't be able anticipate everything coming at you. So, as Jodi and I like to say, "Control the Controllable!"
The 30-30 Rule
Right now, you might be considering making a life change; or, perhaps you’re gearing up for summer vacation or family events. To be better prepared for what you see – and don’t see – coming, think in small(er) chunks of time.
Open your calendar, find a notebook and pen, and answer a self-coaching question: “30 days from today, what will I wish I’d started thinking about or working on sooner?”
Your brain is designed to answer questions. So, ask that question and listen to the answer. Be better prepared to anticipate changes coming your way by thinking a little bit more about (just) the next month or two.
Future you will thank you!
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