Last week 75 busy professionals from around the world signed up for The 5-Day Challenge. Congratulations to everyone in London, Sydney, Brussels, Dubai and all over all signed up which tells me this is a global need.

Every day last week, I heard AMAZING stories from people completing their 30/30 [30 minutes working on something not due for 30 days]:

  • "I scheduled my Continual Education Units for 2019 (since I discovered I was already done for 2018!)"
  • "I submitted my application for grad school."
  • " I storyboarded my 5 children's books."
  • "I created my business book launch campaign."
  • "I got a short-term consulting gig."
  • "I set up my potential-client follow up strategy."

Unfortunately, SOME people didn't do a 30/30 every one of those 5 days. Here's what they told me:

  • "I can't even think about writing my book since I just got a new client for this fall."
  • "I planned my holiday season and it only took 4 sessions. (I read a book my mentor recommended for the last 30 minute session.)"
  • "I don't have time to do anything for myself...."

Interesting, right??? I sure thought so.

Here are my BIG A-HA's:

THINKING deserves more time than we allow for. Most people said it took longer than they thought it would.

THINKING speeds up the process because it eliminates mistakes, confusion and redundancy.

THINKING creates natural optimism. It's not that people were doing "positive thinking" or trying to motivate themselves. They were giving themselves the gift of their own attention. They anticipated problems. They organized their thoughts which gave them clarity on what to do. Then they did something valuable, meaningful, useful.

Because of that, they told me, they felt good.

Ready to get started? Open your calendar and schedule YOUR next 30/30 session. You deserve this gift of your own attention.