You KNOW that feeling of arriving prepared for something VERSUS showing up at the last minute hoping that you can wing it. There's a big leap in skill between the "always-on" professional who's prepared, and the "always-busy" amateur who hopes things work out.

This month, GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy members are studying the skill: "Thinking and Working Strategically." One of the tactics we teach is called: "The 30/30 Rule." If you're not practicing it at least weekly, let me remind you how powerful it is to... for 30 uninterrupted minutes, thinking about, talking about, researching or doing something that isn't due for 30 - or more - days from today.

In fact, more than 70 leaders worldwide enrolled in this month's "5-Day Challenge." (If you're reading this, you might be one of those 70!) Coach Jodi Womack is helping more than 70 people implement "The 30/30 Rule" for 5 days in a row.

What is "The 30/30 Rule"? Click HERE to find out.

What are people working on? Such important projects as:

  • Training an employee to take over the monthly training seminars starting next quarter.
  • Collecting bids for a remodel to start in 6 months.
  • Scheduling a family vacation to a "sunny spot" in the middle of winter.
  • Building the "learning-library" for a doctoral program starting next year.

3 Testimonials!

"I was surprised at what I got accomplished today. Spent the 30 minutes outlining my plan. It was great to see something on paper!"

“During today’s 30/30 session I worked on setting in person or phone call meetings and the result was I scheduled 3!”

"This was helpful and worth the learning! I’ve scheduled it in, to increase my chances of success."

How about YOU?

What could you spend 30 minutes working on today so that 30 - or more - days from now SO THAT you show up prepared?

Click here to read what Jodi wrote about "The 30/30 Rule."

Want to take the 30/30 Rule to the next level?

Invite a peer (colleague, co-worker, client, friend or family member) to think about what you need to think's how: