Simple. You want to work smarter, think bigger and achieve more? You've got to read these four books. (And, after you make your way through THESE be sure to call me. I've got the list of the NEXT four to add to your Learning Library.)

"Don't Shoot the Dog," by Karen Pryor

"Influence" (and Persuasion)," by Robert Cialdini

"Building Your StoryBrand," by Donald Miller

"The One-Minute Manager," by Ken Blanchard

[If you're open for a 5th recommendation: "Get Momentum" by Jodi and Jason Womack]

They say (oh, there's the famous "they" again!) that you can change how you think if you let other thoughts in. Well, reading is one way you do that. Whether you hold the hard-cover copy in your hands, read on your iPhone or listen while you drive, getting new ideas in to prove OR challenge what you currently think is ONE way to make your best better.

These are 4 of the many books I've read that I recommend in every speech, conference or coaching program. I'm so confident that these books "work" I make this offer:

  • Buy the book.
  • Read the book.
  • Implement the ideas in that book.
  • Prove the ideas work for you and what you do.

And, if they DON'T work, send me an email and I'll send you a check.

Made out to you personally.

For $100.

Ready? Let's do this!