During the month of September, our GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy members worldwide spend 30 days thinking strategically about their careers, their jobs, their lives and their family. We consider "thinking" the pre-work you need to do so that your end-of-the-year planning is more complete, and more inspiring.

As you've read in our book, Get Momentum, there are just three steps to implementing the "30/30 Rule."

Step 1: Open your calendar - in your notebook, on your phone, or on your computer - and review dates that are 30, 40 or more days out from today.

Step 2: Identify something (a project, an event, a due date, a visit, etc) that is coming toward you - again, 30, 40 or more days away from today.

Step 3: Pick ONE of those those things to work on for just 30 minutes...TODAY!

If you have the monthly GET MOMENTUM Course Work right there, or you can watch the monthly Master Class, you'll see that both Jodi and I are big fans of the "30/30 Rule."

In fact, we wrote about it on pages 70-72 of our book, "Get Momentum: How to Start When You're Stuck." We believe the "30/30 Rule" is the easiest and fastest way to start thinking strategically about the net month, year and decade of your work AND your life.

Now is your time to take action. Ready? Go do a 30/30!