This month, members of the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy (click here) are studying, "Strategic Thinking." Notice we say thinking, and not planning. Why? Simple...before you start planning, you'll want to do more thinking! We promise, your future self will thank you!

If you use the word "Strategy" as you think and talk about your career and your life, then you're going to LOVE these lessons. Starting with THIS video, you'll see and hear what we focus on for four weeks this month:

  1. Identify specific goals and plan to use your resources [time, energy, focus and money] better.
  2. Practice specific time-tested techniques to think strategically (and bigger!).
  3. Organize your projects in periods of 30-90 days AND 1-5 years in the future.
  4. Focus on ways to (better) organize your thinking AND review your plans.


As you review the three columns below, think about how you think about the next 12 months...

Not Comfortable

I don't really think or talk strategy all that much. In the past, the strategic thinking (and planning) we've done hasn't resulted in much change; in fact thinking strategically is often a waste of time.

Kinda Comfortable

I know that a lot of strategic thinking is used in planning - and, it can apply to my work, my career AND my life. I don't do a LOT of this kind of "what if" or "scenario" thinking, I just don't have the time.

Love it!

On my shelf - or on my desk! - are books about strategic thinking and planning. I can anticipation future consequences of present actions and I'm studying the coming trends with my time.


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