I guarantee you this:
You're not using Microsoft® Outlook® enough.

And it's simply killing your productivity.

Outlook is “that thing” that destroys your focus, reminds you of things at the wrong times and takes WAAAAYYYY too much of time time and focus.

(Oh, and chances are you lose energy when you check email, too!)

As a coach, I see people “assume” that Microsoft® Outlook® is what it is, does what it does, and there’s really nothing that will change. It’s like gravity…it’s always weighing you down.

Many people think that if they could ever “just catch up,” they’d be more in control of Microsoft® Outlook®, it’s one of those agreements you make when you get hired! So, you’ve tried to do certain things.
  • Maybe you shut Outlook down while you’re writing a document or building a spreadsheet.
  • Or, you block time on your calendar.
  • Perhaps you even turn on an “OOO” [out of office] message so that when people DO email, they know you’re busy…not checking email.


...I teach people a framework and a system for managing Outlook; not being managed by it. Below is the Table of Contents of the shortest - and most POPULAR - book I've written:
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Life. Changing.
Not my words. Their words!
JUST last month, one of our GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy members (a tenured professor at a university) said that after a 15-minute call with one of our coaches, she felt more in control of her digital systems than she had EVER IN HER LIFE.

That was after a 15 minute call!

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you download this PDF and re-approach how YOU use Microsoft® Outlook®.

Are you ready to get ahead?

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